If you are on vacation in Moscow, of course you must visit these 10 tourist attractions in Moscow. Because if you are on vacation in Moscow there will be many tourist attractions that can be visited, it’s no wonder you can get confused while on vacation in this place. Of course, you can visit not only natural tourism, but also historical tourism and culinary tours in this place. So there is nothing wrong if you include Moscow as the next tourist destination, because the beauty of a place in Moscow you will not be able to find in other areas. So don’t be surprised if you visit this place then you feel at home for long.

10 Tourist Attractions in Moscow

  1. Red Square
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    This one place is certainly included in the 10 famous tourist attractions in Moscow, where this place is a place that is visited by many tourists around the world who come to Moscow. This is not surprising considering this place is in the center of the city and there are beautiful buildings inside. This place is also open every day, except on holidays. Of course, it is very mandatory to take photos in this place because there are so many interesting and unique photo spots in it.

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2. Kremlin Fortress

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If you like historical tourism, then you must visit this place, where this fort is used for defense against enemies during war. Over time, this fort was converted as the center of government and president’s office. It is not surprising that there are so many buildings and cathedrals in this complex, even one of the places in this area is used as a storage for 190 carat diamonds.

3. Church of St. Basil

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If you are visiting Kremelin then don’t forget to take the time to visit this church, because it is very close. Of course there is a reason why you should visit this church, because its beauty has made this village a UNESCO version of the world heritage. This building also has a beautiful shape, which is like a bonfire burning towards the sky. At first glance, this church is similar to a mosque, but if you look carefully, there is a cross on the top of the roof. The construction of this church itself has a history, where this church was built as a tribute to Ivan the Tribble because he had defeated Khan Kazan.

4. Bolshoi Theater
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Another 10 tourist attractions in Moscow that you must visit are the Bolshoi Theater, in Russian itself the bolshoi theater means great theater. This is not surprising considering that this theater is a famous theater and is the center of theater in Russia. If you want to see this very beautiful Russian ballet then you can visit this place because it is often performed here. If you want to see a light projection show then you can look at the front of this theater building. Surely your eyes will be spoiled with the play of colorful lights that make the white building become colorful. Of course, it is not only beautiful but also has high artistic value, you can even see this beauty for free without having to use a ticket.

5. State Historical Museum

If you want to know the history of Russia, you must visit this museum, because this museum is a Russian state museum. This maroon-colored museum has many collections related to phases in the Russian state. Moreover, this museum often holds shows showing ancient Russia to the 21st century. So if you like historical tours then you must visit this museum, considering that it won’t be easy to see back collection.

6. Mall GUM

If you want to experience luxury shopping then you can visit this GUM Mall if you have thick pockets, this is not strange considering this mall is one of the favorite places for Russian jetliners. So it will be very easy to find a famous brand in this mall, it is certain that the brand is a high-end brand. Apart from shopping, this place also provides cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets that make shopping easier. Besides that, you can also see the uniqueness of this mall from the architecture of the building where at first glance this place is similar to a museum.

  1. Gorky Park
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    If you have watched the video clip of the song Wind of Change from Scorpion, you must be familiar with this place, because Gorky Park is the location where it was shot. This park is the largest park in Moscow, no wonder it is included in the 10 must-visit tourist attractions in Moscow. It takes a few hours if you want to go around this park on foot. One of the strategic places in this place is the one that is close to the bridge, because in this place you can see the view of the European architecture building across the river. This place is also one of the favorites visited by local tourists, no wonder this place has many cafes, restaurants, and even a playground. This place is also a place for Russians to bike, skaterboard, or roll skates.

8. Metro Moscow

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One of the most common forms of transportation in Russia is the metro, which is generally located in remote land. The Russian metro station is also very unique, where the architecture is very beautiful because it uses sculptures, paintings, and even monuments that are very beautiful. This metro station is also located on the ring line some of which are protected by the state for their immense value. The Moscow metro line also has an attractive design when compared to metro lines in other countries in the world, so it is mandatory to visit a metro station in Moscow.

9. Moscow Catherdal Mosque

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For those of you who are Muslims, it is mandatory to visit this place, especially since this mosque is the largest mosque in Russia which can accommodate 1000 worshipers. This mosque has also been built for a long time, namely in 1904, but underwent some reconstruction where in 2011 a full reconstruction was carried out. This mosque is also magnificent like a palace, which uses high quality ornaments and architecture. One of them is the use of 12 kg of gold on the dome, so it is not surprising that the construction of this mosque costs a lot of money.

10. Izmailovo Market

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If you are looking for Russian souvenirs, it is a must to visit this market because it sells various kinds of Russian souvenirs, ranging from paintings and other souvenirs. But there is no need to be afraid to spend money in this market, because the prices offered are quite cheap and affordable so you can buy large quantities. Therefore, don’t miss visiting these 10 tourist attractions in Moscow because they are beautiful.

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