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rasamaal.com is an online news and entertainment portal that focuses on Indonesian readers both residing in Asia and abroad.

rasamaal.com has a variety of content such as general news, politics, events, international, economy, lifestyle, celebrities, sports, soccer, auto, technology, Travel, Food, Hajj, and Muslims.


rasamaal.com was officially launched (Commercial Launch) as a news portal on March 1, 2007. The birth of rasamaal.com became the forerunner to the first online business owned by PT Rasamaal Traveling Tbk, an integrated media company in Southeast Asia.

PT Rasamaal Traveling Tbk also owns and manages the TV and print media business (Koran Seputar Indonesia, Sindo Weekly, Highend, Just For Kids, Highend Teen, Network!).

Then the radio media. Apart from the mass media,

Starting June 2019, Rasamaal ranks 2nd for the most popular news portal category in asia. This achievement was created due to the increasing number of site visitors accessing ra samaal.com every day.

In addition, the number of internet users in Indonesia also continued to grow to reach 150 (Google data) million in 2017, and is expected to continue to grow significantly in the next few years.

This website informs all information about the beauty of the world, our goal is to make this website so that we can inform you about what is out there.